Saturday, December 04, 2004

oo2. induction

it's official. i hate work and i havn't even started yet.
today was my induction at Tescos, and if it wasnt for the fact that the seat was really hurting my arse i would probably have fallen asleep. the highlight was probably watching the video of an old lady slipping over on a grape. It was alright though, I knew a few people there; nick, mark, jamie, robert & sarah so i wasn't a total holly-no-mates! i start my actual till training on monday night *yawn*

i think i've gotten over what i wrote about in my last entry, or maybe it's just pushed to the back of my mind right now. either way, im glad im not thinking about it anymore. now i just have a whole bunch of other stuff on my mind...
one thing is guys; its not that i have difficulty finding them-it's just finding one who is right for me. there's plenty of guys im attracted to..PLENTY..i could reel off a big long list but what would be the point? Half the ones I like don't even know I exist, & as for the rest of them I don't really know them well enough to judge whether or not they're what im looking for. Right now i'm actually happy being single; im enjoying the freedom whereas before all i wanted was to be with someone, but since Tim I just havn't felt that same longing for someone to be close to. It's not that I don't WANT to be with someone right now, because if the right guy came along then I wouldn't just let go of him because im enjoying being's more a case of coming to terms with whats happened before. I'm not going out of my way to look for a boyfriend-i used to do that and it always landed me with the wrong guys- now I'm just going to let the boy come to me hehe. That said, my Boy Radar is always on & in top form..I can spot a fittie a mile away! There's plenty of attractive guys out there, but i just have to wait for the right NICE one to come my way..


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