Sunday, December 05, 2004

oo3. christmas shopping

Human beings can be so stupid. They *think* they are being clever, but really they just..well..aren't. Like today, for example. It's Sunday, it's what..two weeks to Christmas? Three weeks? Whatever..people are all rushing around like loons to buy Christmas presents so they all flock to Lakeside or Bluewater to do their shopping. Fair enough, that's what me and my family did today. My brother matty drove us to Bluewater and we got there nice & early to avoid the traffic..and there was NO traffic on the roads at all, the carparks were almost empty. It was about 9am by this time, maybe a bit later. We go in, spot an opening times sign, and see that the shops don't open till 11. See my point? My mum THOUGHT she was being clever by dragging me out of bed at 7am to get there early and avoid the traffic..but the bloody shops didn't open for another two bloody hours!! We had breakfast in McShite (mcdonalds for those of you who are a sandwich short of a picnic) to pass some time. Then the whole place starts filling up with people who thought they were early too, but really they all had the same idea as everyone else. They all think 'oooh lets go to Bluewater on a Sunday instead of a Saturday because it will be less busy!' and 'i think we should get there early to avoid traffic', but they don't realise that EVERY other damn shopper has the same idea.

I have my till training tomorrow, so I will have to put up with hoards of shoppers buying out the whole shop. It's amazing how much food people buy for one day of the year. No wonder we are a nation of obese people. All along they were blaming McShite for their supersize meals when really it is the greedy shoppers who are at fault! Someone should inform the government..


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