Tuesday, December 07, 2004

oo4. credit card?

It is official. I am the worlds worst till girlie ever to walk through Tesco's doors. That is the reason why this entry is belated, as i have been doing till training for the past two days. However, now you lucky things can have two entries in one. Buy one get one free. I have Tesco's on the brain.
So yeh, they put me on the tills today and I sat there staring at the mounting conveyer belt of shopping in front of me thinking 'what the hell do I do with that?!' The girl who was supervising said 'start scanning...' and i was like 'OH YEH'. I am so blonde it's unbelievable. The shoppers looked all agitated because I was so slow (it took me a million years to scan each item) but it just shows that they are all really dim seeing as there was a nice polite notice up saying THIS CASHIER IS TRAINING SO YOUR SHOPPING MAY TAKE LONGER TO BE SCANNED or whatever it said. I'm sorry but if you don't understand that then you should not be fit to walk around in Tesco. After scanning all of the items (i learnt how to scan reduced items too - go me!) I forgot to ask for a clubcard & then the shopper presented me with a credit card & i just looked at it like I didn't know what it was. The superviser said 'take the card..put it through..' so I did and then I had to ask for a pin number but the woman didn't have one so she had to sign a reciept and I had to match the signature to the credit card (she could have been a fraudster for all I knew seeing as i couldn't read her damn credit card) but yes..then I sent her on her way with an akward 'goodbye'. I suck. I honestly can't believe they hired me..I belong in a Stupid Home with all the other blondes who don't know what a credit card is.


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