Saturday, December 11, 2004

oo5. this is a TUNE!

I think i may be losing my sanity.
Last night me, Collette & Katie went to Dan's house cos' he had a free house, and it was actually pretty cool. The guys were playing their 'phat tunes' all night & i am shocked to say that I didn't actually mind it! However I did draw the line at Blue, I hate them with a passion. Dan has some niiiice friends *wink*!
Today is my first day at work. Tesco's here I come! Half-one till half-ten...I think after the first 5 hours I may want to slit my wrists..the constant BEEP..BEEP of scanned items will make my brain explode. Who's idea was it for my to get a job? I blame Bradley for not telling me how crap it is (even though when I told him I had a job he said 'WHAT? YOU FOOL! TESCOS IS THE WORST PLACE TO WORK!!) hehe. Oooh I don't want to go.
Also, my tablets are making me miserable. They dry my lips out so much..and it makes me look horrible & it means I have to apply Vaseline every two seconds. Also, they make my moods really bad. Anyone who knows me will tell you I can be a moody biatch at the best of times..but now I spaz out so much more often & i get upset over EVERYTHING. soon I'll be put on frickin anti depresents if it carries on like this!
...breathe in...and out...
The alcoholic in me is rearing its ugly head-one sip of blue WKD last night & i was hooked..I think a social gathering at Miss Holly's house is in order..I will get arranging. x


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