Sunday, December 12, 2004

oo6. "Hello do you ne..."

There comes a time in everyones life where they could quite happily murder their friends. Yesterday was my time.
I was working my wonderful (not) nine hour shift on the Tesco's checkouts and it got to about half past 4 when my amigos Katie, Collette, & Katie Lawrence (she isnt a close amigo) came down my till with sandwiches and so on which they had bought just so they could come down my checkout lol. Bless. When I got to serving them, Katie Lawrence announces "I just saw X(not mentioning any names) and I told him you fancy him!!!" and they all looked really pleased with themselves as if I'd be happy about it. More like mortified. I didn't want him to know!
So they went on their way with their shopping and it got to just gone five, and i was sorting out the change & receipts in my till. I turned around to serve my next customer and got as far as saying 'Hello do you ne..." (we're meant to say hello do you need any help packing) when I notice that its none other that X standing there. My cheeks automatically turned beetroot and I suddenly forgot how to function. He said something along the lines of "I just spoke to your friends" and I said "yeh they said they told you something but I won't even ask what" and I clumsily sorted out his change for him, my cheeks still red & burning. I was so embarrassed. I said goodbye and he said "See you Tuesday" and then he was gone.
Becky came to visit me on my till, and mi amigo Jamie from school came down my till to buy food and then I spotted Joe starting work, he was a few tills in front of me and kept pulling faces at me to stop me being bored. They sat me with this guy Kevin and we were talking while we worked so it was companionable but I still despise working there for that long.
On my breaks I stopped off to talk to Adam who was working there, then I went to get a drink, and when I came back Adam said "Owen fancies you" so im thinking "who the hell is Owen?!" and then Adam pointed him out to me. I went back to the tills and on my next break Adam said "Owen saw me talking to you and was asking me 'whos that girl? what were you saying to her? she looks well buff'" Lol how random. I know who Owen is from that activity day thing we had at my school when the other schools came. He was in my group and he seemed a bit of a knobber to me. He went out with Sam from my school and she said the same thing. Ho hum.
A whole week until my next shift at the hell hole, I can't wait till this is all over. And if one more person comes down my till with Mr Kipling chocolate chip cake bars or massive bottles of WKD Blue I will eat and drink it all for myself, no joke.


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