Sunday, December 12, 2004

oo7. boys don't cry but girls do.

this entry is classified as a 16-contains strong language and scenes of a very stressed out nature.

I am in such a fucking bad mood. All along I've been blaming my tablets but its me. i hate the way I am, everything about me, my personality. I think people like me but then when it comes down to it, who really does? and who even gives a shit? WHO EVEN READS THIS FUCKING THING. you say you'll read it but just like everyone else you get bored of what I have to say. I hate MSN because It makes me want to talk to people and I cant see emotions through it, or tell tones of voice so I never know if people genuinely want to talk to me or are just talking to me because im talking to them and they are really thinking 'shut the fuck up' ARGHH. My worst traits are my jealousy..the fact that I analyse everything..whos going to like a girl who reads into everything and who talks like this. Nobody, thats who.
If I was anyone else I wouldn't want to know me.
Why the fuck do I analyse everything too?
And why do i talk so fucking much?
No-one is even reading this so I am going to shut up and fuck off now, thanks.


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