Thursday, December 23, 2004

oo7. tis the season to act like knobbers

What complete and utter wanker gave me a sore throat/cough for Christmas? I asked for Dougie from McFLY, you tarts.

The start of the Christmas Holidays have been surprisingly eventful for me. I remember the Summer where I didn't go out at all, but this Christmas I've barely had a minute to myself. On the Saturday I had my last day at work at Tesco, but the less said about that the better. I hope my horrible mouthy customer has a horrible Christmas and burns her turkey and her yorkshire puddings.
On the Sunday, Katie and I went to Camden market to indulge in some Christmas shopping (which for me, means shopping for myself; I bought the most gorgeous scarf in existance, a long black jumper with a side zip, and a groovy little skirt for Sixth Form) As well as this, I bought my mum her Christmas present (see, im not entirely selfish) and all in all I spent a fortune. Half my wages gone in a couple of hours of shopping. They were right when they said woman and money are a dangerous combination.
On Monday I went shopping again (I was a man on a mission, as they say) and I returned the OC calender which I had originally bought for Collette and was excited about giving her until she randomly announced "HOLLY. I HAVE SEEN AN OC CALENDER IN CLINTON CARDS AND THE GUYS LOOK SO MINGIN'. DO NOT BUY IT. YOU WILL THINK THEY LOOK UGLY, I DO," and this rant from her carried on, all the while the OC calender in question was under the very bed she was sitting on. To replace the 'mingin' and 'ugly' calender, I bought her Betty Boop stationary. You can't go wrong with Betty Boop. She can't look mingin or ugly as she is a little cartoon slapper in hooker-heels. Printed on adorable pink stationary.
On Tuesday, I met the girls at Wimpy for lunch-I'd eaten so I just had a hot chocolate- and then we took a stroll to The Ghetto (Waltham Cross) for...wait for it...MORE SHOPPING! It never ends! Collette bought presents for her family..I'm sure Katie bought something too but I can't remember what...and I was all spent out and didn't buy a thing. WAIT. I LIE. I bought Vicky's Christmas pressie. Then Katie went home and Collette stayed at mine for a bit, and no doubt we laughed a lot about things the rest of you boring beings wouldn't be amused by (salami for example)
On Wednesday, I went with my mum to St Albans for...dare I say it..MORE SHOPPING (I honestly didn't buy anything this time) and we met up with my mums friend Mary and her daughter Kiera. We had lunch in Carluccios, some 'in' Italien resteraunt in the town. I had my lunch peppered for me by a man with a big pepper mill (bring on Collette and a hysterical laughing fit)
Today, I went to The Pond with my dad to sort out cashing my cheque, and to do some other things, and then I went to Collettes.
Like I said, I havn't had a moment to myself, but I can't say I havn't enjoyed it.
Tomorrow I am seeing mi amigo Vicky, I feel bad because she is my homegirl and I havn't seen her all holiday. I need her to perform her excellent straightening skills on my hair in time for the drinking session I am having with my drinking buddies tomorrow night.
Then, as we all know, Saturday is Christmas. Mucho excitemondo! The only downside is that there is no 25th door on my advent calender.


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